Constant enthusiasm and continuous progress: ENDO-FLEX customers value our comprehensive portfolio and on-site supervision

For over 30 years, ENDO-FLEX GmbH has been offering a comprehensive product portfolio of flexible endoscopic devices, instruments and implants that are perfectly attuned to one another. We convince our customers with unique selling points, such as individual and needs-oriented customized productions that are considered by all to be of added value. Therefore, feedback from the market is consistently positive: Qualitatively high-value products for diagnostics and therapy, perfectly adjusted to the needs of their users and completely safe to operate. These criteria go hand in hand with a strong brand and absolute trust from users.

We ensure proximity to customers in Germany through our highly successful direct sales. In addition, we have precise knowledge of the future requirements of the sector. Our staff members have their finger on the pulse when it comes to users in order to keep pace with the times. Through close cooperation, our sales representatives gain unfiltered, valuable information about our customers' desires and problems. ENDO-FLEX responds to this actively, rapidly and in a forward-looking manner with its own production carried out in clean rooms and certified in accordance with ISO standards.

Always one step ahead! This success is achieved thanks to the many years of experience that our highly-qualified technicians have in the creation of prototypes and production. They ensure further development within our company that is customer-oriented and dynamic.

Our selected, exclusive distributors are supported by ENDO FLEX area sales managers and form an international ENDO-FLEX distribution network that spans more than 50 countries. In difficult foreign markets with high potential for growth, such as China for example, we are registered as one of the few companies on the market. ENDO-FLEX distributors maximize their economic success with their enthusiasm for our products. Together our successful distribution partners in Germany and abroad are ensuring further growth for ENDO-FLEX on the world market.