Our six values form our common mission

Our values culture, which we have developed together and which we live together, creates a shared identity beyond cultural differences, boarders and hierarchies.

S like Service

for us means customer-orientated action and continuously endeavoring to support our customers worldwide successfully and efficiently. We analyze the requirements of our customers and act proactively by pointing out potential for improvement. We respond flexibly to customer requirements and answer queries reliably and bindingly. We thereby sustainably increase customer benefit and customer satisfaction.

P like Performance/Achievement

for us means the joint realization of ecological, economic, ethical and social objectives for the success of the company and the customers. As our most important resource, we involve our staff in our planning, strategies and decisions. Without pressure, we use employees in accordance with their talents and provide continuous training. We use the potential arising from the digital transformation. Overall, we ensure our success as well as the success of our customers and partners.

I like International Innovation

determines the expansion of our leading market position. We develop and sell innovative high quality medical technology solutions and for this, we take market trends into account at a very early stage. A failure culture supports innovative processes during development. Externally, we open the innovation process by including partners and users. Through innovation, we secure competitive advantages for ourselves and open up new markets and target groups.

The SPIRIT values of the ENDO-FLEX

R like Responsibility

goes beyond economic success. We create a balance between environment, man and the pursuit of profit through action that is ecologically, socially and economically compatible. We treat our customers, partners and competitors with the same level of awareness we apply to our responsible approach to the environment. In this way we continue to improve our image internally and externally, as well as our attractiveness as an employer..

I like Integrity

creates identity and loyalty. We observe laws, directives and rules. Respect and appreciation towards all internal and external parties concerned is a matter of course for us, as is the equal treatment of all people. As a role model, our employees, customers and suppliers can rely on us. We create a common identity and strengthen trust in our company.

T like Teamwork

for us means dynamic groups displaying fair behavior towards one another and working together well, across borders. We promote entrepreneurial thinking and create an atmosphere of trust. Our employees are characterized by continuous learning. We are prepared to share our knowledge and experience with one another. By combining forces we optimize processes and increase the performance commitment of our employees for our common success.